Peer-Mentorship Circles

The ARCHES Program has started a coordinated peer-mentorship program designed for historically excluded UCSF faculty. ARCHES Peer-Mentorship Circles are small, informal communities of research faculty in similar academic ranks, who share their experiences, challenges, solutions, and accomplishments, providing mutual support and guidance in the larger UCSF environment.

Peer-Mentorship Circles are open to all andĀ can include faculty from different schools, departments and divisions. Each group meets on its own scheduleĀ and develops its own culture of support and collaboration, as each member will bring their unique goals, needs and expectations to their group. While Peer-Mentorship Circles may initially meet via Zoom, the ARCHES Program encourages all groups to use COINs to support fun, engaging, memorable meetings.

Please contact Connor Riano to share your interest, along with any thoughts or questions you might have about this program.