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ARCHES held our annual Spring Social event at the MLK Research Building in Oakland on June 5, 2024! Join us for our Fall Social later this year - details coming soon.
ARCHES Seminars
Join us quarterly for our ARCHES Early Career Seminars, focusing on topics such as mentorship, advancement, building a team, finances, and more.

ARCHES: Advancing the Research Careers of Historically Excluded Scholars

The ARCHES Program (Advancing the Research Careers of Historically Excluded Scholars) is a career development program open to all with a focus on addressing issues faced by historically excluded research faculty. The program was built recognizing that diversity is critical to institutional success and scientific progress, and that representative role models positively impact junior faculty and trainees. It is well known that efforts to recruit and retain historically excluded faculty have been plagued by longstanding challenges. Retaining historically excluded faculty is particularly challenging given implicit biases uniquely faced by historically excluded scientists.

The overarching goal of this program is to focus on and address issues that historically excluded research faculty face, both professionally and personally. We want to understand the issues that limit their ability to become scientific leaders in their fields and be partners in driving systemic policy change that promotes a culture of inclusive excellence. 

To accomplish this goal, we have developed a new Career Development Program open to all and committed to working on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, designed to provide specific activities to address impediments to advancement faced by historically excluded research faculty.

Program Components

ARCHES is a UCSF-wide program designed to address barriers to the career development of historically excluded research faculty. This program is comprised of the following programs and activities:

  1. Career Development Programs
    1. Early-Career
      1. ​Early-Career Seminar Series: This quarterly seminar series for early career research faculty will include information about advancement, research funding sources, and mentorship. This activity is for Assistant Professors in the Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X, and Adjunct research tracks.
    2. Mid-Career
      1. Mid-Career Faculty Peer Mentorship Series: A quarterly community building and peer-led networking series will be co-created with mid-career faculty to include open discussion about leadership, research funding, and advocacy. This activity is designed for Associate Professors who are in the Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X, and Adjunct research tracks.
      2. Mid-Career Faculty Development Program: A robust two-year program for three historically excluded research faculty across UCSF who are outstanding mentors. This program includes $75K per year, mentorship, sponsorship, and networking activities. This program is designed for Associate (or early full) Professors in the Ladder Rank, In Residence, and Clinical X research tracks. 
  2. ​Community Building: Our goal is to encourage community building among UCSF research faculty. Anyone—regardless of series—interested in research is welcome to join. We will hold an annual convention of all groups to make requests of administration. This activity is designed for all research faculty in the Ladder Rank, In Residence, Clinical X, and Adjunct research tracks.
    1. COINs
    2. Peer-Mentorship Circles
  3. Changemaker Grant Program: One grant (amount TBD) will be awarded to mid-career faculty annually to partner with an executive leader on a project targeting structural issues that are barriers for inclusivity at UCSF. These grants must be targeting priority areas for the institution. This will be matched funds with the Anti-Racism in Research Initiative. This program is for all Research Faculty from disadvantaged backgrounds.